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Get your business on the path to safety success

Identify. Prioritize. Act. Improve.


Optimal Safety Solutions specializes in providing small and medium business with a unique service where we aim to provide business owner’s with the opportunity to maximize their productivity and reduce costs through effective safety practices. This is achieved by integrating safety into business activities by seeking out WASTE to drive improve business outcomes and meet legislative compliance

  • To take the hard work out of safety and health for business owners striving to make a success of their passion and dreams.

  • To encorporate safety into normal business activities 

  • To bring our enthusiasm for safe workplaces to business owners


We offer a range of Safety and Safety support services that are taylored to suit your business needs.

  •  Safety Management Systems

  • Locally owned safety data base development

  • Risk control documents

  • Risk Assessments

  • Chemical management

  • Development of all registers

  • A range of safety training

  • Safety Coaching

  • ​Safety Strategic Planning

  • Workers Compensation process development

  • Rental property risk management

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