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Safety Updates

Review some current injury statistics that may have an effect on your business. Just click on the link below

WorkSafe Updates

Inspection program for for machinery and equipment repairs 3/7/2019

A proactive inspection program undertaken by WorkSafe to look at safety in workplaces where machinery and equipment is repaired has uncovered concerns with hazardous substances, mobile plant and emergency procedures.

The Inspection was instigated by an increase in reportable workplace injuries by more than 8% in the past five years.

This inspection program has uncovered some concerns with safety in the areas of hazardous substances, emergency procedures and mobile plant and vehicle movement.

The inspectors were also surprised to find more cases than they expected of workers operating mobile plant without being in possession of a High Risk Work Licence.

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Changes made to definition of Commercial Vehicle 2/7/2019

 This brings drivers of all commercial and hire vehicles, including taxis within the scope of the fatigue management and medical fitness to drive provisions of ‘Part 3, Division 10 — Driving Commercial Vehicles’ of the OSH Regulations. These are some very important changes so stay abreast and read the bulletin

Owners of such vehicles as taxis, hire bus drivers, couriers and now any driver who drives commercially into requiring to meet legislation for fatigue management and fitness to drive through medical assessments.

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Retailers Inspection program found several areas of concern

A proactive inspection program undertaken by WorkSafe to look at safety in specific types of retail outlet in WA has uncovered concerns with electricity, falls from height, manual tasks and emergency precautions.

The program involved WorkSafe inspectors visiting retail stores including those selling clocks, craft goods, duty free, firewood, musical instruments, pets and pet accessories, swimming pools and tobacco products in Perth and regional areas of the State...

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Silica in Fabrication, new concerns raised. 28/6/2019

WorkSafe has been conducting a proactive inspection program to look at safety and health issues in stone benchtop fabricators.

The program will be conducted for the remainder of this financial year, and will continue throughout the 2019/20 financial year.

With Silicosis being a horrible and preventable disease A Guidance Note was also issued late last year by the Commission for Occupational Safety and Health – “Safe stone product fabrication and installation” – that covers how to control exposure to silica dust during fabrication of stone benchtops or similar stone products, and the health effects of breathing this dust.

Have your workplace assessed to prevent issues for your workers.

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