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  • Safety management systems design & implementation

  • Workplace audits

  • Risk assessments 

  • Development of all safety and training registers

  • Safety document development: SWMS,  JSA, WRAPS etc.

  • OSH/WHS responsibility training 

  • Incident investigation

  • Reviewing and addressing WorkSafe improvement notices

  • Safety Contractor Management

  • Local or site owned safety database development

Workplace Health


  • Workers Compensation policy and process 

  • Return to work program assistance

  • Workers Compensation training

  • Allied health support  

  • Development of restricted work practises

  • Employee health promotions and wellness campaigns

Productive Improvements

  • Productivity Review

  • Application of Lean Waste Principles

  • Development of Safety and Performance KPI's

  • Team building training

  • Communication training

  • Problem solving and creative thinking training 

  • Strategic Planning Assistance

Real Estate 

  • Property Risk Assessments

  • Safety Management System development and implementation

  • Maintenance Audits

  • Fire Assessments and evacuation planning

  • Smoke alarm testing and assessment

  • RCD and electrical testing

  • Tenant activity Risk Assessment

  • Strata activity Risk Management Plans and Risk Assessments

  • Assistance with No-conforming Building Products 

  • Contractor Management Process

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